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Racing Transmission Repair by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WARacing drivers take great risks every time they get behind the wheel, and lives can be lost when engine and transmission components fail at high speeds. Making sure that racing transmissions are capable of handling the huge power and torque outputs of the engines they are connected to takes years of training and practice, and even slight miscalculations can lead to disaster on race day. Many of the technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches are performance and race car enthusiasts themselves, and they have the experience needed to harness all of an engine’s power in a reliable and safe way. We can help you with all of your racing transmission repair and servicing needs.

Seconds Count in Every Race

Auto races are often decided by seconds or even fractions of seconds, and even the most talented drivers may find it impossible to make up for precious time lost in the pits. This is why durability is considered paramount in racing circles, and it is also why reliable racing transmission repair shops are considered crucial assets by many racing teams. The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches can strip, rebuild or repair the latest drag and circuit racing transmissions, and they also have the experience and skills needed to fabricate parts for custom jobs.

Racing Transmissions Push the Engineering Envelope

Performance transmission coolers, high-stall torque converters, Kevlar bands and high-coefficient clutch plates are just a few of the components that racing transmission repair shops deal with on a daily basis, and some of the most advanced street and strip units even allow drivers to switch between manual and automatic shifts. These marvels of technology are designed to endure torturous conditions for hours on end, but they should be meticulously inspected before and after every race. All Transmissions & Clutches trains its racing transmission repair technicians to scrutinize all lines, linkages and connections closely for signs of developing problems, and they are taught to always err on the side of safety when a judgment call has to be made.

Serving Clark County for More Than 30 Years

If you race or are building a race car, a dependable racing transmission repair shop could mean the difference between victory and defeat on the track. All Transmissions & Clutches knows that the rules are often different for racing cars, and we understand that we must sometimes go above and beyond what would be considered normal customer service to satisfy the demands of race car owners and racing teams. Whether Vancouver residents need a custom transmission, an aftermarket strip or circuit transmission, a racing transmission repair or simply want to coax a little more performance out of their street cars, All Transmissions & Clutches has them covered with exceptional service, reasonable rates and one of the most comprehensive warranties around. Just give us a call to get your free estimate!

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