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Manual Transmission Repair by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WAMost modern cars and trucks are fitted with automatic gearboxes, but manual transmissions are still popular among sports and performance car enthusiasts. A clutch and a stick shift may not be as efficient as a dual-clutch or continuously variable transmission, but driving one is great fun and allows drivers to feel at one with their vehicles. Manual transmissions can also handle large amounts of horsepower and torque, but they should be checked and serviced regularly by trained and experienced professionals.

An Accurate Diagnosis Is Crucial With Stick Shifts

Diagnosing a manual transmission can be difficult for transmission repair shops because many of the problems commonly associated with stick shifts are actually caused by worn or slipping clutches. The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches have been repairing and replacing manual gearboxes for more than three decades, and their technicians have the experience and training needed to determine whether shifting problems are being caused by clutch or transmission issues. Strange smells and hesitation during acceleration can often be addressed with a simple clutch adjustment, and even grinding and gnashing that sounds serious can sometimes be remedied by replacing worn clutch plates, bearings or discs.

The Importance of an Experienced Manual Transmission Repair Shop

While manual transmissions are generally easier to work on than automatics, they are also quite rare. This means that transmission repair technicians rarely encounter them and may lack the knowledge required to work on them effectively. All Transmissions & Clutches are manual transmission experts, and they know what it takes to keep manual gearboxes shifting smoothly and fix the problems when they don’t. In addition to performing manual transmission repairs, our technicians also help sports car drivers to coax more performance out of their stick shift vehicles by installing heavy-duty flywheels, quick-release clutches and auxiliary manual transmission coolers.

Manual Transmission Repair for More Than 30 Years

If your manual transmission is leaking fluid, making strange noises or not performing the way its manufacturer intended, you may wish to contact a manual transmission repair shop before a minor inconvenience turns into a major headache. All Transmissions & Clutches has been serving Vancouver residents since the 1980’s, and we always strive to get our manual transmission repair customers back on the road fast. We offer a preferred towing service and priority scheduling, and we stand behind our work with a 12,000 mile or 12-month warranty. When your car deserves the best, All Transmissions & Clutches should be your first call.

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