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AMC Transmission Repair by All Transmissions and Clutch - Serving Vancouver WA and surrounding areasThe American Motors Corporation, known as AMC, produced cars for 34 years, up until the company went defunct in 1988. There are thousands of AMC cars still on the road, many being well cared for and cherished as classic cars. If you want to restore or maintain your AMC vehicle, one important component to consider is the transmission. Failing AMC transmissions can be repaired or rebuilt by a specialized, ASE certified AMC transmission shop. If your AMC vehicle is showing signs of transmission wear or failure, such as hard shifting, noises from under the vehicle while driving, and fluid leaks, then you should bring it in without delay to diagnosis and resolve the issues.

AMC Transmission Repair

There are several types of transmissions found in AMC vehicles on the road today. These legendary vehicles contain both manual and automatic transmissions, and require a mechanic with special knowledge of AMC parts and systems for repair. AMC transmission repair may consist of replacing small or isolated parts such as the gears, rings, gaskets, and clutches. You may also be in need of a total or partial AMC transmission rebuild, depending on the severity and type of issue you’re experiencing.

AMC Transmission Rebuild

A licensed shop can always rebuild the transmission in your AMC vehicle from the bottom up. This includes removal of all internal components in your vehicle’s transmission, and the replacement with new parts. Many non-OEM parts manufacturers still make parts for these cars, and your licensed AMC transmission shop can order these parts for your AMC transmission rebuild project.

AMC Transmission Rebuild Cost

The cost of rebuilding the transmission in your AMC car can vary depending on how many parts and hours are needed to complete the project. The final AMC transmission rebuild cost for your vehicle includes parts and service hours. AMC Transmission rebuild cost may also be determined by availability of parts. Discuss the time needed and estimated cost with your mechanic ahead of your transmission repair project.

Many AMC owners are proud to maintain a classic part of American car history. Once the transmission in your AMC vehicle begins to fail or show signs of wear, it’s important to bring it into a AMC transmission shop to preserve your vehicle’s functionality. AMC vehicles have unique needs when it comes to transmission repair, but an ASE certified AMC transmission shop can handle any repair and rebuild project that your car may need.

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