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All Wheel Drive Transmission Repair by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WAThe transmissions fitted to modern four-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles are designed to cope with anything that car, SUV and truck drivers throw at them, but they are also highly sophisticated and can be difficult to work on. Diagnosing all wheel drive transmissions often involves listening to an unusual noise or feeling an unfamiliar vibration, and problems that seem serious can sometimes be remedied with a simple adjustment. Vancouver residents looking for a reliable AWD transmission repair shop have been coming to All Transmissions & Clutches for 30 years. Our highly skilled technicians are familiar with the latest transmission technology and repair procedures, and they work hard to get our customers back on the road fast.

Modern All Wheel Drive Transmissions

Today’s computer-controlled all wheel drive transmissions are engineered to provide years of reliable service, but things can and do go wrong. Loose connections or faulty sensors can cause transmissions to perform poorly or behave unpredictably, and getting to the root of these problems is often a process of elimination for AWD transmission repair shops. The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches follow diagnostic procedures and protocols carefully when approaching AWD transmission repairs because they know that shifting problems are sometimes caused by components that seemingly have little to do with the transmission itself.

Warning Signs

Heading to an all wheel drive transmission repair shop at the first sign of trouble can prevent a minor problem from becoming a major issue, but drivers are not always sure whether or not a noise, smell or dashboard warning light is really something to be concerned about.

  • Smells: Faulty transmissions often burn through fluid quickly, and burning smells may be a sign that repair or service may be necessary.
  • Slips and harsh shifts: Modern 4WD and AWD transmissions are designed to shift smoothly and almost imperceptibly, and jarring shifts or missed gears should be investigated as an AWD transmission repair may be called for.
  • Leaks: A visual inspection may be all that is needed to determine the cause of a leaking transmission. Technicians may look for signs of overfilling, worn or faulty seals and collision or impact damage.
  • Warning lights: Getting to the bottom of dashboard warnings may require sophisticated diagnostic equipment. However, an illuminated warning light does not always mean that an all wheel drive transmission repair is needed.

All Wheel Drive Transmission Repair Services

Whether you drive a 4WD SUV or pickup truck, an AWD minivan or car or a heavy-duty truck, you deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. All Transmissions & Clutches offers competitive rates, experienced technicians, a convenient location and one of the best warranties around, and we always put our customers first. Contact All Transmissions & Clutches today for a Free Estimate!

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