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CVT Transmission Repair by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WAAutomobile manufacturers began offering continuously variable transmissions in the late 1980s because they shift seamlessly and deliver consistent performance. In CVT transmissions, which are also known as pulley transmissions, single-speed transmissions and stepless transmissions, the gears of a traditional gearbox are replaced with two variable-diameter pulleys. The pulleys become larger or smaller when a different gear ratio is called for, and a belt or chain fitted between them delivers power smoothly. CVTs have fewer moving parts and improve fuel economy, but they pose unique challenges for technicians.

CVT Transmission Repair in Clark County

All Transmissions & Clutches has been fixing CVT transmissions since automobile manufacturers began offering them in the late 1980s. While CVTs provide many benefits, they are not as durable as traditional transmissions and usually cost more to replace. This makes routine CVT transmission repair and maintenance extremely important and a reliable CVT transmission repair shop highly valuable. The belts fitted to these units can last from 60,000 miles to 150,000 miles, and it takes an experienced eye to recognize the difference. Knowledgeable technicians may be able to remedy developing problems with minor adjustments before a major overhaul is called for, and detecting issues with CVT transmissions early is important because replacement parts can be costly and difficult to source.

  • We check CVT fluid pressures to make sure that these units are working the way their makers intended. Fluid pressure control issues are the most common reason for CVT transmission repairs.
  • We inspect and replace worn or damaged CVT transmission belts and bands before they fail and cause problems to spread.
  • We make sure that the software controlling CVT transmissions is updated and free of bugs.

CVTs Can Make Modifying Cars More Difficult

Vehicle owners often try to squeeze more performance from their engines by adding custom parts, but large power increases can place undue stress on CVTs. The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches are custom and performance car enthusiasts, and they can help you to choose the performance upgrades that will improve speed and acceleration without adversely affecting other systems.

Peace of Mind is Always Included at All Transmissions & Clutches

Replacing or repairing CVTs can be expensive, and consumers may be wise to visit only CVT transmission repair shops that offer comprehensive warranties. At All Transmissions & Clutches, we have been fixing transmissions for over 30 years, and all of our CVT repair work is covered by a 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty. If you need a CVT transmission repair shop and need the work to be done right the first time, give All Transmissions & Clutches a call.

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