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Differential Repair and Service by All Transmissions and Clutch - Serving Vancouver WA and surrounding areasIf vehicles had solid axles and their wheels always turned at the same speed, they would shudder and hop during every turn. However, engineers solved this problem by adding a differential to the rear axle. A differential is the large hump or bulge that you may have noticed in the middle of a truck’s rear end, and it contains a series of gears that allow the outside wheels of a vehicle travel faster than the inside wheels during a turn. If your vehicle behaves erratically when you make a turn, a trip to a reliable differential repair shop may be prudent.

Differential Repair on All Vehicle Types

Differential repair & rebuilding was once fairly straightforward as virtually all vehicles were rear-wheel-drive and equipped with fairly standard drivetrains, but today’s automotive landscape features a wide array of front-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive cars, pickups and SUVs. This has made differential service work far more challenging and experienced and trained technicians extremely important. In front-wheel-drive cars, or any vehicles that have their engines mounted over the driving wheels, the transaxle combines the functions of the differential and the transmission, and four or all-wheel-drive cars and trucks may have front, rear and even central differentials. There are also limited-slip differentials fitted to performance cars that are designed to provide maximum traction and grip during hard cornering.

The Importance of Experienced Differential Repair Shops

The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches have experience with the various differentials used by domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers, and they know how dangerous undiagnosed differential service problems can be. Differentials are sturdily built and extremely durable, but problems can and do develop if they are not properly maintained by a qualified differential rebuild shop. Differential issues left unaddressed can cause wheels to lock and vehicles to crash, but these problems can be difficult for an untrained eye to spot. Common warning signs of rear-end issues include fluid leaks, clanking sounds when setting off and grinding or rumbling noises.

Expert Differential Service at All Transmissions & Clutches

Keeping a modern differential working as its manufacturer intended sometimes involves little more than changing or topping up the differential lubricating fluid, but sometimes components must be changed or units rebuilt completely. All Transmissions & Clutches has been performing differential repair & rebuilding work for more than 30 years, and our technicians have the knowledge and know-how needed to spot developing problems before they become more serious and potentially dangerous. If you are looking for a differential rebuild shop that does the job right every time and stands behind its work with a comprehensive warranty. Contact All Transmissions & Clutches today for your differential repair or rebuild needs.

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