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Clutch Repair by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WASports car drivers often choose stick-shift transmissions because using a clutch and selecting gears manually gives them an added sense of control and helps them to feel at one with their vehicles. The clutch connects a manual vehicle’s engine with its transmission, and depressing the clutch pedal disengages this connection so that drivers to change gears while moving. Using the clutch also prevents stick-shift vehicles from stalling when they come to a stop. However, all clutches wear out eventually, and they should be checked regularly for signs of damage and wear.

Clutch Issues are Unpredictable

Regular clutch repair and service is important because there is no way to accurately predict when clutches will fail. Clutches fitted to stick shift vehicles that are driven carefully and mainly on highways may last for 100,000 miles or more, but drivers who “ride the clutch” and do most of their motoring in stop-and-go traffic may need to visit a clutch repair shop after only 30,000 miles. The manual transmission experts at All Transmissions & Clutches have been repairing and replacing clutches for more than 30 years, and our technicians have experience working on both foreign and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. We also build performance clutches for racing cars and hot rods.

Clutch Replacement

If you need a clutch replacement, you want the job to be done fast and right the first time. While some clutch repair shops keep prices low by using refurbished or even damaged parts, All Transmissions & Clutches uses only brand new parts and makes sure that all work meets or exceeds factory specifications. Before you make a costly clutch repair mistake, call the specialists at All Transmissions & Clutches to schedule a free clutch check.

Clutch Failure Symptoms

When clutches are becoming dangerously worn, changing gears can be difficult and clutch pedals may need to be depressed further to disengage the engine from the transmission. Cars can also slip in and out of gear when clutch discs, flywheels, throw out bearings and pressure plates are nearing failure. Grinding gears and clunking sounds during shifts are also signs that a clutch replacement may be needed.

Peace of Mind at No Extra Charge

All Transmissions & Clutches provides its customers with peace of mind by using only brand new OEM or better quality parts and offering a comprehensive one year or 12,000 warranty on every clutch replacement. If you want the best for you manual transmission car and are looking for a clutch repair shop that treats its customers with courtesy and respect, contact All Transmissions & Clutches today.

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