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Axle Repair by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WAGetting power from a car’s engine to its driving wheels involves dozens of components working together, and axles play a crucial role in the vital last leg. Axles connect the differential to the wheels and transfer the torque required to turn them, and they require periodic maintenance and service at an axle repair shop to work at their best.

The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches have years of experience working on the axles of foreign and domestic passenger vehicles and work trucks, and they can often spot developing problems with a simple visual inspection. They also know how to diagnose axle problems quickly and accurately so that our customers are not asked to pay for an axle replacement when an axle repair is all that is needed.

Signs You Have a Broken Axle

Axle problems can manifest themselves in several ways. A trip to a reliable axle repair shop may be needed if your car begins to shimmy, shake or shudder, and an axle repair may be urgently required if vibrations and shaking become more severe during hard acceleration. Clicking, grinding and whirring noises can also indicate that all is not well with a vehicle’s axles, and this is especially true if the noises become louder or more pronounced during turns. However, even noises that sound expensive can sometimes be addressed with routine maintenance or minor repairs.

Why Choose Us for Your Axle Repair

Whether you need to replace an axle or just want an axle repaired, the experienced technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches can help. We can diagnose strange noises and erratic vehicle behavior quickly and get you back out on the road fast, and we back up everything we do with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. We can lubricate or replace axle bearings, repair or replace axles that have been damaged and spot developing problems long before they become major issues.

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