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CV Joint & CV Boot Replacement by All Transmissions & Clutches serving Vancouver WAThe axles fitted to front-wheel drive vehicles are extremely sophisticated because they are expected to work with the suspension to absorb bumps in the road, turn the vehicle and power the driving wheels all at the same time. This is achieved by using constant velocity or CV joints to connect the transmission to the axle.

CV joints allow axles to move on a number of different angles and planes, and they are the reason that front-wheel drive vehicles are able to steer while moving. Without CV joints, the axles on a front-wheel drive car would bind or break every time the vehicle traveled over a bump or made a turn. CV joints are also fitted to many all-wheel drive vehicles and even some rear-wheel drive cars equipped with fully independent suspensions.

CV Boot Repair

CV joints are packed with a protective layer of grease to keep them lubricated and working properly that is kept in place by rubber coverings known as a CV boots. CV boots keep the grease in and dirt and water out, but they wear over time and should be checked regularly by experienced technicians. The technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches have been working on front-wheel drive cars for decades, and they check CV boots carefully for cracking and tearing every time they have one up on a lift.

Spotting damaged CV boots early is important because both the problems caused by heat and friction and the repair bills associated with them can multiply quickly when the grease surrounding CV joints is lost. A CV boot repair may be all that is needed when damage or wear is discovered early, but usually the damage has already been done and a CV joint replacement is needed.

CV Joint & CV Boot Replacement Warning Signs

If your CV joints or CV boots are grinding, clicking or making cracking sounds they may need to be replaced. Issues can sometimes be remedied by repacking, rebooting and rebuilding CV joints, but it may be better to replace the entire axle. This is because it is often necessary to remove the axle as well as parts of the braking and suspension systems to complete a CV boot repair.

The experienced technicians at All Transmissions & Clutches are experts at CV joint & CV boot replacement and repair, and they know when it may be smarter and cheaper in the long run to replace a CV axle. However, our customers have the final say, and work does not begin until all options have been explained and a plan of action agreed upon. Contact All Transmissions & Clutches today to schedule an appointment or free estimate!

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