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How to tell if your transmission needs to be rebuilt

How to tell if your transmission needs to be rebuilttransmission rebuild problems and diagnosis vancouver battle ground camas washington

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When transmission trouble occurs in the Vancouver, WA areas, our customers most common questions are:

  • How much does a new transmission cost?
  • How much will a transmission rebuild set me back?
  • How much does a used transmission cost?
  • How can I tell if my transmission needs to be rebuilt?
  • Is there anything else I can do besides replacing my transmission?

Perhaps you feel your transmission slipping, or are hearing unusual noises coming from your power train. It is important to remember that it could be a relatively easy fix that is needed to alleviate the issue, such as transmission maintenance. The only way to be sure that your transmission needs intensive repairs, short of it stopping completely, is to bring it in to a certified professional for a thorough examination. Your trusted transmission mechanic will evaluate the condition of your transmission and determine the best course of action.

Why take it to a transmission specialist?

Vehicles today are more sophisticated than ever before, with many of them having computers, and electronic circuits managing performance. Due to the sophisticated nature of newer vehicles, complete computer diagnostics are needed to accurately identify the issue with your transmission. An experienced transmissions mechanic will have the computer and software technology available to properly diagnose the transmission issue with your late model vehicle.

If you believe you have a faulty transmission, always begin your repair process by asking for a complete computer diagnosis. Do not assume that you need a new transmission as soon as issues arise, and if necessary get a second opinion.

Common Transmission Problems

The most common transmission problems include:

  • Difficulty or delay in shifting gears
  • Transmission slipping and/or jerking
  • Unusual noises including grinding, clicking and whirring coming from the transmission area
  • Leaking transmission, seals, fittings
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Vehicle will not drive

More information regarding transmission problems

If you believe you have transmission issues in the Greater Vancouver WA  area, bring your vehicle into All Transmissions and Clutches today for your comprehensive computer diagnostics and inspection. You can count on licensed professionals who are honest and informative. We will never recommend unnecessary repairs and we pride ourselves in being professionals you can trust. Contact us by phone or through our website for more information.

How to tell if your transmission needs to be rebuilt in Vancouver WA

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