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Diesel Transmissions Repair

Comprehensive Diesel Transmission Servicesdiesel transmissions repair and service vancouver washington

What does diesel transmission repair entail?

Before starting any type of repairs, we will first conduct diagnostic testing to pin point the problem with your transmission. With most repairs, we will first disengage your transmission from your drive train, then we will drain the transmission fluid. Next, the transmission will be removed from the vehicle, then we will remove and clean the transmission housing. Then we will change the gearing and remove any dirt or buildup from the interior of your transmission. Finally, we will place the gasket on the transmission housing, seal it, put it back together then reconnect it to your vehicle.

What are the warning signs indicating the need for diesel transmission repaired?

There are many warning signs that will indicate the need for your transmission to be repairs.  If it begins to shift at different points or is slow to shift, that may reveal problems with your transmission. Also if your RPMs rise while driving uphill or while you are not accelerating, that too can mean that you need repairs. Also, if your check engine light appears, or if you encounter flared shifts you should bring your vehicle in immediately for diagnostics.

What causes issues with diesel transmissions?

Your transmission requires regular maintenance like most other parts of your vehicle. Not replacing your transmission fluid and filter regularly can result in problems with your diesel transmission. Failure to have enough coolant or lubricant in the transmission can cause the gears to overheat, crack, wear or slip which can translate into costly repairs.

What type of diesel transmission services do we offer?

We offer comprehensive diesel transmission services including maintenance services, rebuilds, overhauls and repairs. Please contact us for more information about pricing and scheduling an appointment.

All Transmissions & Clutches – Your Diesel Transmission Specialist

Most diesel transmissions are exceptionally large and heavy, and require seasoned and certified technicians to conduct repairs, rebuilds, overhauls and installation. We pride ourselves at being experts for all things transmission and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  As with all of our transmission rebuilds, we offer a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty

Diesel Transmissions Repair in Vancouver WA

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