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Infinity & Nissan Repair – Transmissions Clutch Differential

Infinity & Nissan Repair

All Transmissions and Clutches  - ASE certified Nissan Repair - Vancouver

All Transmissions and Clutches - Nissan Repair - Vancouver WA

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All Transmissions and Clutches - Infinity / Nissan repair - Vancouver WA

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Important Consumer Information Regarding Nissan & Infinity TransaxlesAll Transmissions and Clutches - Infinity / Nissan authorized repair - Vancouver WA

Infinity and Nissan Repair: 90% of Nissan and Infinity transmissions today are computer controlled. The computer takes multiple sensor readings from engine and transmission sources. A malfunction in any of these sensors can cause your vehicles transmission to perform erratically or in some cases to not shift at all.

Some models such as the Nissan Murano or Nissan Maxima have a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission.) These transmissions are steel belt driven and have an infinite number of internal ratios designed to match engine output so fuel economy is optimized. These transmissions use a multitude of electrical sensors and controls to optimize efficiency. The main benefit of a CVT is superior fuel economy. A second benefit is extremely smooth shift transitions giving the vehicle a “no shift feeling.”

It is extremely important that any deviations from the normal smooth shift transition in a CVT be checked by a qualified CVT technician immediately. These transmissions are very sensitive to electronic and physical changes and can be easily damaged. Something as simple as an engine misfire can upset the balance needed for correct operation and cause damage requiring expensive repairs to correct.

When you need help with your transmission be sure to choose a professional properly trained on your vehicle with the proper test equipment to correctly diagnose the problem. It is very time-consuming and expensive to perform the incorrect repair on these late model vehicles. Don´t waste your time and money! Take advantage of All Transmissions and Clutches´s free diagnostic service and eliminate the possibility of a misdiagnosis or unneeded repairs.

Infinity & Nissan Repair – Transmissions Clutch Differential in Vancouver WA

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