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Brake Maintenance & Repair

Don’t Wait on Brake Maintenance and Repairs

brake maintenance repair all transmissions and clutches vancouver wa camas washingtonWith the many financial obligations in life, it can be difficult to make car repairs a priority. Most aesthetic related car repairs can be delayed however maintenance and repair for your brakes should never be postponed. Your vehicle absolutely needs fully functional and healthy brakes to ensure safety for you, your passengers and others on the road. Brake system problems should be addressed at the first sign of a potential issue. Quick attention to problems with your brakes will more than likely save you time and money when it comes to the maintenance and repairs. For high quality brake repairs in the Vancouver, Battle Ground and Camas, WA areas, come into All Transmissions and Clutches today and a certified mechanic will ensure that your brake system is intact and working as it should.

Comprehensive Brake Service

All Transmissions and Clutches offers comprehensive brake system services to the greater Vancouver, WA area. We truly are your one stop shop, for all brake system needs. The most commonly needed brake repair needs include:

  • Brake pad replacement: This is the most common brake repair we perform. When you pay careful attention to your brakes, and regularly change worn out pads, maintenance is relatively inexpensive. Brake pad replacement is also a comparatively easier brake service that can be done quickly. At the first sign of squeaking, changes in brake pressure, or vibration when breaking-get your brake pads inspected right away to prevent damage to the brake system.
  • Caliper replacement: Brake calipers squeeze the brake pad upon braking to stop your vehicle. Overtime calipers can become worn and need to be replaced. With proper brake maintenance this should be a rare occurrence, however if you have delayed brake repair, you should plan to have these replaced as well.
  • Rotor replacement: Similar to calipers, rotors become worn much faster when brake pads are not properly attended to. You can prevent unnecessary rotor repairs by maintaining your brakes regularly. Signs that your rotors are worn include intense vibration during braking, difficulty stopping, shaky suspension and poor steering.
  • Fluid replacement: Part of brake system maintenance is periodic brake fluid flushing. With continued use your vehicle’s brake line can become overwhelmed with air, water, moisture and dirt. Have a licensed professional inspect your brake line during regular maintenance to ensure your brake system is fully protected.

Brake Maintenance & Repair in Vancouver WA

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